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It is believed that the lack of an erection does not seems like a disease but a temporary condition that is associated with fatigue or simply unwillingness to enter into an intimate relationship The biggest part of men think so. As usual at the beginning a concrete men faced this problem once, than twice, than more and as a result the lack of erection can grow into a real problem, which is now possible to solve only with the help of medicine. Unfortunately, by this way there can appear a variety of men's problems - erectile dysfunction, weak erection, impotence.

In this case, the most important thing is to pay attention to the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction, in order not to bring the case to a sad end. Because any problems with erectile dysfunction is a disease that must be treated. Of course, the lack of erection while intoxicated, with extreme fatigue, when serious emotional disturbances or quarrel with his girlfriend is probably still a temporary phenomenon, an isolated case. However, if there is no erection for a long time, regardless of the mental and physical condition of man, it can mean only one thing: it's time to sound the alarm and take decisive action to restore male power - an erection!

Weak erection in men has become a real problem in the modern World. This dysfunction is realized by the situation, in which the man’s penis does not allow him to live a full sexual life and dramatically reduces the quality of sexual intercourse. In normal life a healthy man is always accompanied by a sense of excitement erection of the penis. If to speak in the other words, when there is a normal erection male’s penis increases in size, and it becomes solid and resilient. If arousal in men is not accompanied by a weak erection or erection even under the influence of intense caresses partner and such a violation is observed for six months, then the doctors, as usual, diagnose erectile dysfunction. The main fact is that erectile Dysfunction is painful for both sexual partners, but for men especially. In such case there is an effective way to deal with the problem, such as to buy generic cialis online.

The features of generic cialis are as follows:

  • Tadalafil is the active ingredient of the drug.
  • If you want to have romantic relationship not in a hurry, Cialis is the perfect option. You'll always be ready to translate a dating into an intimate direction.
  • Minimal side effects of Cialis also make the preferred choice for many men.
  • The effect of Cialis lasts 36 hours.
  • Efficiency after taking the pill comes after 30-90 minutes.
  • If you need a more rapid effect, select the version of "Soft", because it dissolves under the tongue and acts faster.
  • If you plan to eat fatty foods and drinking alcohol would be preferable version of "Soft" or Cialis medication in the form of a gel.

Sometimes the men ask why erection is so weak at the moment. The doctors can say, that the reasons can be various: from the normal breakdown to serious problems in the sexual sphere. If erection problems become permanent, the man begins to panic and do not know what to do. According to medical statistics, about 40% of the male population is suffering from sexual dysfunction, and the first place is just a weak erection. Moreover, scientists have proven, that difficulties in sexual life associated with a weak erection, are very often the cause of most suicides. The stronger part of the humanity, if to speak about men is such a style, more often ashamed of their sexual difficulties and do not seek qualified help. Most men tend to turn in on themselves and hard experience. Some men begin to self-medicate, buy in pharmacies or natural markets miraculous teas, herbs, pills and other remedies that supposedly restore and increase virility. This approach is fundamentally wrong. If erectile dysfunction is observed more than a month, it is important to go to the doctor.

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